Licenses & Pricing

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Licenses & Pricing

Industry based ERP Price

This, also known as fixed pricing, offers users a single price for all features of the offering.
Simply put: a sort of Flat-rate which is a combined product and a fixed set of features at a fixed price. Best for companies with a product that has limited features, multiple modules integrated and running the whole Company and a single buyer persona.
Licenses & Pricing

Tiered or Module based

Packages with various features and product combinations are available at various price points.
This allows you to segment the prices for the product and services based on specified modules you require.
Licenses & Pricing

Users based

A per-user pricing model charges customer companies for every user of your product. Pricing scales evenly along with the number of users — the more users, the more you’ll charge.
It is always combined with another pricing model. However, for our clients, we do not charge the Users during the first year of implementation and LIVE run and unlimited Users are available on our Quix ERP System.
Licenses & Pricing

Cloud Subscription or On-Premises based

The manufacturing supply chain refers to the entire process of producing goods, from the initial design phase to the delivery of the final product to the end consumer.
It encompasses a series of interconnected steps that involve the coordination and collaboration of various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Here are some key details about the manufacturing supply chain: It encompasses a series of interconnected steps that involve the coordination.
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